Craft Beer

Beers worth howling for...

We’re proud of our craft, integrity and quality. But we’re not afraid to break the rules to produce something that breaks the mould. Here’s to good, honest, beer. Beer worth howling for...

Old Wolves... tricks

Our new craft beers are brewed the traditional way but with a twist. Contemporary, surprising and full of exciting flavours... truly a feast for mind and belly alike.

Our Traditional Hunting Ground

Always worth exploring

Proud to be Scottish, this range of traditional ales is named after our stunning hunting grounds and heroic past. These are ales to get your teeth into.

Forget Grey Wolves...

We're talking gold

The gold award winning Valente's Double Espresso beer and 1488, a whisky beer produced in partnership with Tullibardine distillery. Our premium range is no moonshine.

Cask Ales

Worth hunting down

On the prowl for something special? Our master brewer creates these cask and keg beers for the thirsty drinker on the hunt for a quality experience.

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Premium Beer...

...from a different habitat

A premium continental craft lager. When it comes to craft beers, Coulls leaves the rest of the pack behind.