Enjoy a Black Wolf Brewery Dinner Party!

As well as lover of all things beer related I am quite the foodie. So much so that I have been experimenting with my brews in different recipes and present to you a dinner party worth howling for… The…

Futebol Lobo

As you may know I, the Black Wolf, am a lover of team sports. I have decided to create a beer in celebration of the World Cup and shall be spreading my love of football and pack spirit across Scotland with this bottled taste of Brazil. I have grown fond of this blonde beer and decided to name it Futebol Lobo, translating as Football Wolf, and it lurks behind the bars of a number of pack hideouts.

World Cup Wall Chart

Here's something to howl about... Not only have I set up a Black Wolf Fantasy Football League I now present to you the footie fans essential - The Black Wolf World Cup wall chart.  Simply DOWNLOAD IT…

World Cup Fantasy League

Gather round wolf pack, I have a challenge for you. As you may know I am a lover of team sports and, in anticipation of the World Cup, I have arranged a fantasy football league.

Summer Festivals

The weather has turned from bitingly cold to mild and drizzly with the occasional burst of sunshine. That can only mean one thing; the Scottish summer is about to begin. I, the black wolf, will be touring the lands in search of music, barbeques and beer.

Video of Black Wolf Brewery launch

Launch Party

We had our launch party on Wednesday. Great event, where many people got their paws on out beer. A great turnout. Thank you to all the pack who joined us to celebrate. Here are a selection of photos from…

An Invisible Touch

We have received lots of goodwill messages from our beery brethren around the world. However, a tweet from @TheBeerCast comparing our directors' photo to a Genesis tribute act  was our favourite.  So…

Introducing Black Wolf Brewery

Allow me to officially introduce Black Wolf Brewery, the beginning of an exciting new chapter for beer lovers like you and I.

The Great Howl Out

Friends, Romans, countrymen… I’m on the hunt. I’m intent on tracking down packs that have achieved the improbable; those fearless wolves who have won against the odds. Or, at the very least, have made…




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