The Great Howl Out

Friends, Romans, countrymen… I’m on the hunt. I’m intent on tracking down packs that have achieved the improbable; those fearless wolves who have won against the odds. Or, at the very least, have made a damned good show of it!

You see I, Black Wolf, am a lover of team sports. Football, rugby, hockey …even curling. And I like nothing more than the sweet smell of success. So, when I see the thrill of the chase, pick up the scent of victory, witness the grasp of a prize in your claws, it’s fair to say I’m over the moon.

I’m a social animal and I love nothing more than recognising the achievements of packs but I need your help. Do you know of a pack deserving of a case of my finest beer? Local heroes or regional icons – they’re all a cause for celebration with me.

So give your pack a Howl Out…on Twitter, Facebook or simply leave a comment here, telling us why you are a deserving bunch.

Lone wolves need not apply.

Go on. Throw me a bone.


Black Wolf.

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