Futebol Lobo

As you may know I, the Black Wolf, am a lover of team sports. I have decided to create a beer in celebration of the World Cup and shall be spreading my love of football and pack spirit across Scotland with this bottled taste of Brazil. I have grown fond of this blonde beer and decided to name it Futebol Lobo, translating as Football Wolf, and it lurks behind the bars of a number of pack hideouts.

World Cup Wall Chart

Here's something to howl about... Not only have I set up a Black Wolf Fantasy Football League I now present to you the footie fans essential - The Black Wolf World Cup wall chart.  Simply DOWNLOAD IT…

World Cup Fantasy League

Gather round wolf pack, I have a challenge for you. As you may know I am a lover of team sports and, in anticipation of the World Cup, I have arranged a fantasy football league.

Summer Festivals

The weather has turned from bitingly cold to mild and drizzly with the occasional burst of sunshine. That can only mean one thing; the Scottish summer is about to begin. I, the black wolf, will be touring the lands in search of music, barbeques and beer.




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